The non-surgical treatment

The way to help you

After the exact location of the damaged part of the pelvic floor we can offer you a schedule for your individual problems of bladder, pelvic floor or organic sexual dysfunction. The decision on what is to be done depends on the results of the examination. Help is available either in form of a non-surgical approach (Petros concept) or as an operative procedure (Petros/Goeschen concept). 

- The non-surgical treatment

You will remember that the pelvic floor contains muscles and ligaments. Using the non-surgical approach, the damaged tissue is strengthened with electrotherapy for the fast and slow twitch muscles with additional help for the fast twitch muscles by performing special exercises. The daily treatment programme with special exercises and electrostimulation generally lasts for three months.

However, in case of severe pelvic floor damage an operation is necessary. 

Fig.2  If the attachment between muscle and vagina is loose the muscles cannot pull the vagina backwards to support the bladder base. 
This leads to frequency, urge, nocturia and bladder emptying problems. Pelvic floor exercise is insufficient.

Fig.3  In these cases only an 
operation can restore the connection 
between muscle and vaginal wall using
a posterior sling.