Diagnosis and Treatment of Incontinence 
Problems of the bladder and the pelvic floor 
Urine and faecal incontinence 
Vaginal and uterus prolapse 
Pelvic floor pain 
Organic sexual dysfunction

with the following information about our Uro-Gynaecological Centre for Diagnosis and Treatment of Female Bladder- and Pelvic Floor Problems (KVINNO Centre Germany/Spain) we would like to introduce ourselves. We want to offer you a new concept to help with problems of the bladder and the pelvic floor, e.g. urinary and faecal incontinence, vaginal and uterus prolapse, pelvic floor pain, and organic related sexual problems. The original concept comes from the Royal Perth Hospital in Perth, Australia (

Problems of bladder and pelvic floor


One in four women in Europe know the problem of uncontrolled loss of urine under stress i.e. coughing or standing up, feeling always damp, having emptying problems or a dragging feeling in the vagina, getting up at night to pass urine, faecal soiling and pain (lower abdomen, coccyx) on deep penetration during intercourse. No one wants to speak about it, neither with their partner nor with their doctor. It is a taboo.

We want to break this silence. It is our aim to help woman with these problems to enjoy a better and untroubled life by using new medical procedures.

We use new procedures which were developed by Prof. Dr. P. Petros in the Royal Perth Hospital, Australia and further developed by Prof. Dr. K. Goeschen in Germany.